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Organizational Structure

The Israel Association of Community Centers (IACC) operates a nationwide network of about 700 community centers throughout the country, in all sectors, and in more than 200 municipalities and regional councils. The organization is divided into five geographical districts. Each district has a director managing the regional team that provides training, supervision and guidance of the local community centers’ directors and management, on a variety of subjects and activities. The district offices are in direct, ongoing contact with the local authorities and organizations in the region.


The five districts include:

  • Southern District:  regional office is in Beer Sheva
  • Northern District: regional office is in Karmiel
  • Haifa and the Valleys District: regional office is in Nesher
  • Jerusalem District: regional office is in Jerusalem
  • Central District: regional office is in Lod

The IACC’s headquarters are in Lod. The Lod offices include field operations and national programs including the Karev School Enrichment Programs, the National School Cultural Program (Sal Tarbut) and the IACC’s Financial and Human Resources departments. In addition, the CEO, assistant CEO and department heads have offices in the Lod headquarters.

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